What is Euchre?

Euchre is a card game played by 4 people, split into 2 teams of 2. It is often considered to be a simplified, more accessible, form of Bridge. Euchre is responsible for the introduction of the Joker card in the 1800s; however the Joker is not actually used in most forms of modern Euchre.

Euchre cards

Euchre uses 24 cards, 9 through Ace for each suit


Overview of Euchre

2 teams of 2 are competing against each other, with the goal to be the first team to reach 10 points.  Each dealing of cards (or hand) presents an opportunity for a team to win from 1 to 4 points. Teammates sit opposite each other at the card table. 24 cards are used, 9 through Ace for each suit.  You can find Euchre playing cards from Bicycle that are tailored to the game.

For each hand, 5 cards are dealt to each player, leaving 4 cards undealt (called the kitty).  A hand consists of 5 “tricks” whereby each player plays one card in order.  The number of tricks won by a team determines the number of points won by that team.

To learn the full details of how to play, along with illustrated examples, check out how to play Euchre.

Teammates site opposite

Teammates sit across from each other


The History of Euchre

While Euchre is a game played throughout the United States (and in many other parts of the world, especially England), it is often considered to have it’s core fan base in the US Midwest.  Assumed to have been brought to the US from Germany (“Jucker” or “Joker” is the original German spelling of “Euchre”), it has enjoyed wide popularity as a social card game.

As Euchre has spread, it has also evolved a number of variations, many of which lead to different strategies and game durations.