Euchre tends to be a very localized card game.  And as such, many regional or “house” rules have developed over time.  If we’ve missed any rules that you and your friends play by, let us know!

Screw the Dealer

Also known as “Stick the Dealer”.  This rule means that when the second round of bidding has completed, the dealer must choose a Trump suit.  Named as such because this often leaves the dealer in a bind.  The dealer cannot choose the suit that was originally turned up.


No Trump

Another variation on a no-decision bidding process is that the there is no Trump suit.  In this case, the Jacks return to their traditional order, and Aces are high.


Ace, No Face

If a player is dealt a hand that consists of all 9s and 10s, plus 1 Ace, he or she can declare “Ace, No Face” and the round ends with no score.  The deal stays with the current dealer.


No Ace, No Face

Also known as “Farmer’s Hand”.  Similar to the above, this is when a player has only 9s and 10s.


Going Under

Also known as “Bottoms”.  When a player has a No Ace, No Face hand, he or she can trade 3 cards with the Kitty.